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Collaboration brings World Class Metal Fabrication Performance

In today’s global business climate, things are more competitive than ever. Despite signs of economic recovery, many industries remain in a surplus capacity scenario. Thus, contracts are harder to win, and price sensitivity is high. In this climate, truly, companies are not just competing on a business-to-business basis, but rather they are competing supply chain-to-supply chain. Those who are most effective at managing their supply chains and reducing waste throughout all stages of the value network are those who can secure competitive contracts and remain profitable even at lower price structures.

Weldrite’s primary channel to market has historically been to supply metal fabricated equipment to large OEMs in support of their contract requirements. Thus, the more successful and profitable our customers can be, the more work they can win and better it is for us.

As such, we embrace collaboration with our customers in as many aspects of their operations as possible. We aim to align our services with maximum precision to allow information, goods and services to flow freely and unobstructed between our team and their counterparts within our customers’ organizations.

The focus of this exchange is not only to get the job done, but also to maximize efficiency at all points of interface between Weldrite Manufacturing and our clients. In the past, we have participated in and led collaborative projects focused on reducing manufacturing and transactional cycle times, improving document flow within joint processes, and improving packing and material presentation to reduce labor required in downstream operations.

Other particularly powerful forms of customer collaboration are value engineering and design-for-manufacturability analysis. Weldrite has participated in numerous efforts to consolidate similar product designs (in some cases thousands of unique but similar systems) into a single solution set, optimized to ensure minimum manufacturing cost and maximum repeatability. Our expertise in sheet metal fabrication uniquely equips us to provide value in this area, ensuring that designs minimize scrap rates when using readily available material types and shapes, and achieve maximum compatibility with metal fabrication manufacturing equipment and processes.

A big part of being the best is helping our customers be the best. We look forward to the opportunity to work with you, our valued customers, to find ways to save you time, money and headaches.

For more information about past customer collaboration efforts and to learn what we can do together to help you business, please contact Jeff Glover at 760-743-4041.


24 Years of Excellence

Established in 1986 as a small metal shop, Weldrite’s first major contract was with NASSCO to build ladders and platforms for the U.S. Navy. In 1990, Weldrite was nominated “Sub-Contractor of the Year”.

How We Succeed

  • A 24-year reputation for quality, on time delivery and customer satisfaction.
  • Lean manufacturing and continuous improvement business model resulting in customer value optimization.
  • History of 99.5% on-time job completion.
  • Less than 1% external quality rejects.
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Weldrite’s design and engineering team is ready to assist you in all your project needs.  Our dedicated program management combined with our administrative and process analysis techniques ensure your project is performed with the best quality.   To learn more about Weldrite’s support please call 760-743-4041.

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